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Name: Magnolia
Age: 43
Level: 70
Class: Sightseer
Type: Psychic/Dark
Ability: Analyst

Pokémon Bonded: 6

Weak psychic power that allows him to relax his own mind and body and emit a soothing aura to briefly touch the minds of others. He has the ability to read 'surface thoughts' (though this manifests as nothing more than the ability to actually react to sentences as if he's hearing them in real time). He has stamina and dexterity that's a bit better than an average human's.

First evolution: His psychic powers become more offensive. He's able to counter some attacks or use his harmful intent to strike a foe caught off guard. His psychic power becomes strong enough to influence the minds of others and boost his strength.

His stamina and speed increase again; he's now fast enough to steal items or swap them. Using his faster reaction speeds, he's able to deal more damage at advantageous times. He gains the ability to teleport via line of sight (five feet maximum). The more he uses it, the bigger his headache afterwards.

He looks mostly human, still, though he has begun to form patchwork, faint purple hexagonal 'tattoo' outlines on his arms and legs. His eyes are yellow, and glow when his powers are in use; he's begun to develop a subtle aura of pressure around himself that reflect his mood at the time. This psychic bleed can slightly influence the moods of others.

Second evolution: His psychic powers shape themselves better to harmful intent, though he takes some backlash from it. They can be formed into blades that slice at the opponent or materialised into physical form to serve as attacks. His psychic powers are strong enough to create strange areas of effect that can bring down flying or levitating pokemon or create a space in which roles are reversed.

His speed and stamina are at their peak. He has enough skill and speed to turn an opponent's attacks back on them in some way or find a weak point in their enhanced state. He develops a disquieting aura that can force others to back down, incite rash action in others or be used as a means of attack.

His ability to teleport becomes more expansive, but the limitations remain the same (except less headaches). However, as long as he has hold of a person, he can transport them with his teleportation.

His eyes hold a faint glow even when not exerting power. The hexagonal tattoos have climbed up to his face and down to his hands and feet; most of his body is covered in the same 'tattoo' pattern. He has small, bony 'horns' poking out of his hair that point backwards; they lengthen somewhat when he exerts psychic powers and recede again once he's finished using them. They appear to be some kind of sensory organ.


Murkrow ♂
Lv. 70
Super Luck
Gentle nature.
Met at Verdant Forest.
Met at Lv. 5.
Often lost in thought.

Feint Attack
Mean Look
Foul Play
Sucker Punch

Lum Berry

A gentle-hearted Murkrow who still has a mischievous side. Worried about his new trainer, he encourages Magnolia to interact with others. Even the most solitary of birds must have a flock.

Always perched on Magnolia's shoulder, though oddly enough, facing backwards.

12 levels to spend per week. Enlightened levels are 2 'points' = 1 level. Pokemon level 1:1.


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